Welcome to the TCT 2022 Press Room!

The Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) is committed to keeping healthcare professionals and the public informed of the latest research news in interventional cardiovascular medicine. On behalf of the TCT media relations team, we look forward to working with you during TCT 2022. You will be able to access all press materials for TCT on this website.

Please take special note of the policies highlighted below. All TCT press credentials and guidelines can be found here. Should you have any questions, please contact us at press@crf.org.

Embargo Policy

Media, investigators, organizations issuing press releases, and others with access to research accepted for presentation during TCT 2022 are required to abide by the embargo policies governing CRF meetings.

The Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) embargoes information presented as a late-breaking clinical trial or late-breaking clinical science. Coverage of these studies is strictly prohibited until the start time of each trial’s official presentation as listed in the TCT 2022 Program on the official TCT 2022 website. No journalist, exhibitor, or university (or affiliated organization or company) may disseminate information until the trial’s official presentation time. All embargo times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). There is no official embargo for research presented as an abstract, challenging case, featured clinical research, or late-breaking innovation, but we recommend you wait until the official start of TCT to file your stories.

Please note: TCT officially begins on Friday, September 16, 2022 at 8:00 AM EDT.

Violation of TCT embargo policies can result in removal of the research from the scientific program, removal of individuals and/or companies from the meeting, and revocation of media credentials.

By accepting a media registration for TCT 2022 or accepting TCT embargoed materials through email, fax, regular mail, thumb drive, or embargoed press room website, journalists acknowledge the embargoed information is for their use in preparing media coverage and they will not distribute or publish the information while the embargo is in effect. The embargo policy also applies to news releases and other communications from outside organizations that include embargoed information scheduled for presentation at TCT.

Social Media Policy

CRF promotes the free exchange and rapid dissemination of research and educational content from all CRF meetings. The slides from CRF-sponsored courses and symposia are immediately posted on TCTMD to facilitate scientific discourse and enhance patient care.

Communicating through social media is welcome and strongly encouraged, provided that embargo rules for late-breaking clinical trials and science are honored. Photographs, screenshots, images of slides from sessions, and brief audio/video clips can be shared via social media. However, posting or live streaming entire sessions or live cases (the latter to respect patient privacy) and use of any CRF course content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

The official hashtag for TCT 2022 taking place September 16-19 is #TCT2022.

Recording Policy (Audio, Video, And Still Photography)

Photography (non-flash only) and brief audio, video, or screen recording using hand-held equipment for strictly personal, educational, and/or social use (in accordance with CRF’s Social Media Policy) are permitted at all CRF meetings as determined solely by CRF. Substantial portions of posters, slides, and presentations may not be copied or reproduced in any form for sale or commercial use. CRF reserves the right to limit recordings onsite if deemed necessary.

Media must obtain approval and camera tag from CRF before filming, screen recording, or taking photographs for the purpose of original news or social media coverage. Please note that once approval to film and/or photograph is obtained, filming, videotaping, and photography are limited to agreed-upon terms.


Slides are provided to the media to assist in the development of original news coverage only and not for copying, sale or redistribution. Please note that publishing or posting press conference slides, abstracts, posters or substantial portions of these materials is not permitted.

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